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As part of Pathologists Lancet Kenya’s service charter and commitment to provision of high quality and accurate diagnostic testing with excellent services, we have introduced a number of new tests done routinely rather than being shipped or batched in order to meet the increase demand for these tests and offer a better TAT. We have also upgraded our diagnostic platforms for specific tests for better diagnostic utility in light of technological advances.

New Tests:


  1. Hb electrophoresis: TAT x1 Day
  2. Coagulation tests – Protein C/S, Factors VIII and IX, fibrinogen

Specialised Chemistry: TAT x1 Day

  1. Vitamin D: TAT 2-3 Hours
  2. Procalcitonin: TAT 2-3 Hours
  3. Hepatitis A serology (IgM, IgG): TAT 2-3 Hours
  4. Free PSA (ratio): TAT 2-3 Hours

Microbiology and Infectious Disease:

  1. Brucella heamagglutination: TAT 1 Hour
  2. Dengue fever immunoassay: TAT 1 Hour
  3. Respiratory Syncytial Virus: TAT 1 Hour
  4. Influenza: TAT 1 Hour
  5. TB LAM: TAT 1 Hour

Upgraded diagnostic platforms

  1. BCR-ABL testing

The diagnostic software has been upgraded to analyse samples with higher white cell counts

2. New immunohistochemistry Ventana analyser

Fully automated immunohistochemistry, ranked top amongst automated analysers by pathologists. A wider panel of                                                         immunohistochemical markers has also been added for improved cancer diagnostics

Tests currently being validated for introduction in this quarter:

  1. Hepatitis B viral load testing on fully automated PCR platform. Currently TAT of 3-5 days through our Lancet reference laboratory
  2. HPV genotype testing for high-risk HPV sub-types Currently TAT of 3-5 days through our Lancet reference laboratory

Welcome to the Lancet experience.

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