Lancet at Goodlife

The full-range of our laboratory tests as the Lancet Group of Laboratories are now available and can be done through the respective Goodlife Pharmacies network nationwide. Customers can access affordable  lab tests near them with sample collection done in at least seventeen large-sized Goodlife Pharmacies branches with fast turn-around-time for the test results which can be received at the pharmacy or via email/online. Please call 011- 0093269 to find out the nearest Goodlife Pharmacy store near you where the Lancet testing centers are located

The innovative partnership brings together Goodlife’s and Lancet’s mutual objective to bring differentiated quality services closer to the people. Through this partnership with Goodlife’s growing network, Lancet’s laboratory footprint has been doubled across Kenya, enabling patients and health consumers to access a wide range of quality laboratory services in a convenient and comfortable setting where they frequent during their regular routines.

With the convenient location of Goodlife stores, this partnership has enabled patients coming from seeing their doctors with lab and pharmacy prescriptions, to access both services with one visit.


GoodLife Pharmacy is a fast-growth, highly innovative business with 67 stores currently operating across Kenya and 4 in Uganda. The company provides trusted pharmaceuticals to customers across incomes from convenient locations –with a total reach of 1.2 million people.

Founded in 2013 with the aim of “helping the nation to look and feel good one person at a time”, GoodLife focuses on providing high-quality individual customer care.

The Lancet at Goodlife patient service centers opened so far are:

Buffalo Mall ~ Naivasha
Tell: 0741 866 864

Cedar Mall ~ Nanyuki
Tell: 0741 866 861
(0.0185° N, 37.0744° E)

Garden City Mall ~ Thika Road
Tell: 0741 467 764
(1.2327° S, 36.8786° E)

Greenspan Mall ~ Donholm
Tell: 0748 600 714
(1.2892° S, 36.9009° E)

Junction Mall ~ Ngong Road
Tell: 0741 467 758
(1.2982° S, 36.7624° E)

Kilifi – Kilifi Arcade
Tell: 0794 895 676
(3.6308° S, 39.8533° E)

Waterfront Mall ~ Karen
Tell: 0748 600 718
(1.3435° S, 36.7651° E)

Ridgeways Mall ~ Kiambu
Tell: 0748 600 715
(1.2255° S, 36.8398° E)

Rupa Mall ~ Eldoret
Tell: 0703 061 000
(0.5138° N, 35.2907° E)

Valley Arcade ~ Lavington
Tell: 0748 600 717
(1.2907° S, 36.7692° E)

Village Market
Tell:0741 866 862
(1.2294° S, 36.8048° E)

Westgate Mall ~ Westlands
Tell: 0748 600 716
(1.2566° S, 36.8033° E)

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