Human Rights

UN Global Compact principles covered:

Principle 1: Business should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights
Principle 2: Business should ensure that they are not complicit in human rights abuses


Our values define who we are, with a code of conduct that guides us in achieving the standards set for our business through respect and support for human rights.
A brief description of our Processes or Systems
We ensure that human rights are at all times adhered to
Activities implemented in the last year

  • It is our responsibility as an organization to support a successful and sustainable society through giving quality and credible services.
  • Any form of bribery is highly prohibited. No reports are altered under any circumstance, we have
    highly automated systems that ensures no illegal alterations are made as well as a team of well
    Trained and disciplined staff.
  • No external factor outlaws the ethics, integrity and reputation of PLK which is geared towards
  • Providing quality services to anyone who walks to our facilities.
  • We are very keen on the wellbeing of our staff who are given the necessary vaccinations before starting work. An example of this is the Hepatitis B vaccine among others and also health checks.
  • The company has also ensured all its employees and their dependents have a medical cover.
  • The employees are also given frequent trainings on first aid as well as other emergencies like fire.
  • At PLK, employees are allowed to express themselves in terms of their religious beliefs and necessary support is provided.
  • There are guidelines to ensure fair resolution of disputes
  • Manuals have been made available to all staff on sexual harassment
  • PLK has various fee schedules catering for both high end clientele and the low income earning
  • There is a code of conduct enforcing employee integrity
  • Zero tolerance to child labor
Measurement of outcomes and value added for our company
  • We ensure that our clients both internal and external have their right of expression
  • We have questionnaires that are accessible at our reception areas
  • We have hotlines where our clients or anyone can call and get assisted
  • We also have suggestion boxes and all these are reviewed and implemented accordingly.

Through these suggestions we are able to measure the outcome.

Activities planned for next year
  • Pathologists Lancet Kenya plans to keep upholding its mission of quality service for the benefit of the community at large.
  • PLK has also been expanding, opening its doors to various counties to ensure that our services are available and accessible to all.
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