About the Self Sampling Kit

Self-sampling without discomfort

Timely screening can prevent many women dying needlessly of cervical cancer each year. Sadly, many women do not take tests regularly, because they do not have enough time, or are worried, embarrassed, fear discomfort, or for cultural reasons. The Evalyn® Brush helps to overcome these issues. It is an easy, safe and reliable method of collecting vaginal/cervical specimens without discomfort. The design and use ensure the highest number of valid samples across all age groups.

Benefits of the Evalyn® Brush:

  • Built-in features to assure correct sample taking
  • Standardized method for taking samples results in the highest number of valid samples across all age groups (one time right, no repeat sampling)
  • A comprehensive solution for self-sampling: collecting, shipping and easy processing in the laboratory
  • Available with a unique RFID chip to link to women
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